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Tastic Productions supports charitable causes whenever possible. This is done through pro bono work, fund raising efforts, and direct contributions.

Currently the focus of Tastic's philanthropy mission is to help spinal chord injury victims get the best rehabilitation treatments available to mankind.

Mike Welch

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A Little About Mike
Mike Welch is an extreme athlete who achieved crazy things including unicycling down Mt. Fuji and across Alaska. He has toured the US and Japan playing trombone with the show Blast.

The Accident
In July 2008 Mike Welch was in Japan to perform with the show Blast II MIX as the trombone and tuba swing. The first night in Matsumoto he was riding a bike down a steep road on a mountain and fell off of the bike. He shattered his T5 and fractured his T6, paralyzing him below the waist. He had a great surgeon perform an 8 hour surgery a few days after the accident to stabilize his back.

The Recovery
Mike's parents were able to fly to Japan and stay at his bedside, along with a wonderful translator, Nao, for 2 weeks. Mike then flew home and started rehab at the Rehab Institute of Chicago. There he began the process of learning how to get around in a wheelchair and be mobile without using his legs.

The Future
While we all hope for a full recovery, only time will tell if that will naturally happen. Perhaps stem cell therapy could help. A clinic in India offers this treatment and Mike is exploring this opportunity. But we will need your help to get there!!!!

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